2nd Annual DiabetesMine Design Challenge!

Not too long ago while I was catching up on my mountain of RSS feeds in Google Reader, I was perusing one of my favorite health-related blogs, DiabetesMine. I really enjoy reading DiabetesMine, authored by the wonderful Amy Tenderich, mainly because she has successfully created a community around those living with diabetes. Earlier this year when Amy got some time in the spotlight, it really started my brain motors turning about how we can spread the word about health issues in society and how people who are passionate about seeing change can catch the interest of many.

Amy is doing that again with the 2nd Annual DiabetesMineā„¢ Design Challenge. She writes:

“[the] competition [is] designed to foster innovation in diabetes design and encourage creative new tools that will improve life with diabetes.”

The great part about this competition is that it incorporates many different elements related to the improvement of technology focused on helping people stay healthy and having the upper hand when it comes to handling their diabetes.

This contest is no small event either – it’s being supported by MedGadget, (Internet journal focused on highlighting emerging medical technologies), world famous design firm IDEO and probably most importantly, by 2 young brothers who have been living with Type 1 diabetes and are eager to see some changes in technology. And if the idea of being able to enter your design into this potentially industry changing opportunity doesn’t urge you enough, there are also other very nice prizes:

Two of the most enticing design concepts will win a package of prizes to help further their creative efforts: $1,000 in cash, some pro-bono professional advice from world-renowned design experts, and free access to the next Health 2.0 conference for one adult winner.

Please take some time to think about how you can contribute – submit your idea, spread the word! This is absolutely the epitome of how I want to help change the health world. Let’s add in excitement, innovation, design, passion, technology and social media! Let’s gather our minds and great ideas together so that we can live comfortable and QUALITY lives!

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