The FLOTUS Says: Drink More Water

Many of us know the basics of better nutrition and well being. Drinking water is definitely part of that. The consumer-centric world of beverages with some sort of added benefit has exploded over the past several years. Remember when Snapple was the feel good brand that you weren’t really sure if it was good for […]

Support the SMAC! Crusade Against Cancer

The following is the launch post of my friend and digital colleague, Jennifer Windrum. This campaign and story really hits home for me for a number of reasons and the way she has gone about creating a solution dedicated to her mother (who was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer) and others moves me beyond […]

“Many Shades of Gay” HIV Prevention Campaign Shows Future of Public Health

  In early June the San Francisco AIDS Foundation (SFAF) launched “Many Shades of Gay”, a cross-media prevention campaign with global creative agency ATTIK to encourage gay and bi-sexual men to get tested for HIV.  The campaign orbits around a website – – where “visitors can create and share their own unique avatar to […]

Pulse+Signal Q&A: 1st Annual Food Day

Today celebrates the first annual national Food Day. I caught up with Lilia Smelkova, Campaign Manager with Food Day,  to get the full scoop… What is Food Day? Food Day is a national grassroots campaign for healthy, affordable food produced in humane, sustainable and just way.  Food Day is modeled after Earth Day, and will […]

In Review: Childhood Obesity Conference, Part 1

The following is a guest post from Elizabeth Brotherton of reviewing day 1 of the recent Childhood Obesity Conference held in San Diego, CA. More photos from the event can be found on their Facebook page. See here for Part 2 of the review. Aside from First Lady Michelle Obama, there aren’t too many famous […]