In Review: 2012 Games for Health Conference

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to attend my first Games for Health conference. Yes, you heard right – a conference about the impact of playing games to improve health and well being. A serious win-win situation! If you’re interested in what went on – you’d be able to catch a glimpse through the […]

Smokers Wanted. Lit2Quit: A mobile game for smoking reduction

  If you’ve ever smoked, and tried to quit, chances are you know how much fun quitting, and quit attempts, aren’t. The cravings, the mood swings, the weight gain – ugh! What if quitting smoking was fun instead? Funded by a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Pioneer Program grant, Lit2Quit is a mobile game that aims to help smokers reduce […]

Games for Health: Research, Development, and Clinical Applications.

My news feeds have been much abuzz with talk of the newly announced journal, Games for Health: Research Development, and Clinical Applications. Gaming for health is a topic we’ve been covering here at Pulse + Signal, so when we heard the news, we caught up with the journal’s Editor-in-Chief, Bill Ferguson, for a Q & […]

Health Game ‘Monumental’ Takes the Next…Step

When Pulse + Signal was covering the Games for Health confence in Boston recently, we had the chance to highlight the Monumental game, created by Bill Sabram of MeYou Health. Recently Bill let us know that version 2.0 is now out for the interactive stair-climbing game! Currently the game is only available on the iPhone and […]

In Review: 2011 Games for Change Conference

The following is a guest post from Kristi Miller Durazo, conference attendee & health innovation advocate. Read more about Kristi after the post. [Image: Games for Change] Games are the “Hot Ticket”, right!? Everything is a game. Just add a game to that and we have a solution…or, do we? As I consider the intersection […]