Alert: NYC Board of Health Approves Soda Ban

  A little bit of breaking news here folks – Just a few minutes ago the New York City Health Department just approved the ban on large soda. Here is a recap of the soda ban post we had up earlier in the summer to refresh your memory on the issue (thanks again Megan!) So […]

How Better Design Improved Sexual Health in London

Those of us that are sexually active and somewhat responsible have all shared a common experience – the sterile clinic waiting room sprinkled with fading posters full of prevention messages and health tips. There’s usually a TV displaying a movie or daytime talk shows to drown out the collective nervous energy of the patrons waiting […]

NYC Soda Ban Debate: Half Empty or Half Full?

The following is a guest post from Megan Yarbrough, Public Health Policy Campaign Manager at Rescue Social Change Group in Alexandria, VA. These views are her own. Last week, Mayor Bloomberg announced a plan to limit the sale of sugary drinks in New York City’s restaurants, delis, movie theaters, and street carts – basically any […]

Power of Prevention: Investing in Colorado’s Health

The following guest post is written by Bob Mook, Editorial Manager at the Colorado Health Foundation. This post comes particularly at a useful time when the Institute of Medicine recently came out with a report on the need for better funding for public health. If you read Pulse + Signal regularly, you already know about […]

Health Justice CT Challenge Winner Announced!

Big news happening. I was fortunate to be part of the selection committee for the Health Justice CT Challenge that got kicked off at the end of 2011. Basically Connecticut is growing leaders and innovators to reshape how health makes an impact in their communities. The purpose of the challenge was to open the idea […]