Lori Melichar: Identifying Innovative Ideas in Healthcare

    The forward movement of healthcare innovation is at a fever pitch. Between consumer health focused mobile apps and much needed systemic changemaking, there is a growing pool of ideas that are sprouting up all over. Just like it is with the constant stream of resources and information gathered through social media – the […]

Announcing ePatient2015: 15 Surprising Trends Changing Healthcare

  Yesterday I had the fantastic pleasure of connecting with my long time friend, colleague and healthcare innovation thought leader, Fard Johnmar. As some backstory, Fard was actually one of the *very* few people talking about the intersection of healthcare, marketing/communications & technology when I first got started. Yes, that was over 7 years ago […]

Introducing Dr. Farris Timimi – Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media

Recently the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media brought on board a new Medical Director – Dr. Farris Timimi.  As part of the Advisory Board for the Center, I wanted to get to know Dr. Timimi a little better and share with you some insights into his work and his new role. We’re really happy […]

Bridging the Communication & Health Divide: BodiMojo

This week at Games for Health, I had the pleasure of meeting Tara Cousineau, PhD, founder and CEO of BodiMojo, Inc. Tara is a clinical psychologist and eHealth innovator. Bodimojo.com, the flagship product, is a health engagement platform for teens leveraging web and mobile technologies. When I learned about this online health community, I thought […]

Bridging the Communication & Health Divide: RxCreative

If you’ve read my online bio, or follow my activity around the net, chances are good that you know how passionate I am about the issue of health literacy. This piece marks the start of a new series I’ve been invited to write on Pulse + Signal, called Bridging the Communication & Health Divide. The focus […]