Healthy Possibilities with Twitter

As you all know, I’m all about making use of emerging web technologies to further health communications. One of the most useful web tools that I have grown completely enamored with is Twitter, the micro-blogging platform that has become useful in many different ways.

My awesome health sciences librarian friend P.F. Anderson, recently conducted a demo of Twitter’s usefulness in the health arena. The parts on Twitter being used for activism and exercise really put a smile on my face! I’m pretty sure as time goes on, more uses will emerge, especially for health communications.

Patricia also blogs about emerging technologies at Emerging Technologies Librarian, which is also on my blogroll


  1. @David – these technologies are always going to have some kind of interest and I’m glad there are those of us (like Patricia!) who are available to explain the varying useful ways 🙂

    @Daniel – I’ve never seen that site before, thanks for pointing me to it. Health 2.0 is definitely seeing the potential of social networking and I’m looking forward to building community around wellness. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Amazing Slideshow Patricia, thanks for sharing with us.

    I was thinking how a Twitter for Health could even replace more traditional sites like, which seem very outdated compared to the openness and collaborative nature of Twitter. Why not build a social network around the tagline “How are you doing”, instead of “what are you doing”?

  3. Nice slideshow. I sit on the steering committee for a group within the Technology Association of Georgia which focuses on Enterprise 2.0 issues. As a result, I’m often asked about things like Twitter and whether or not it is a toy or a truly useful tool. Thanks for supplying a powerful answer!

  4. w00t! Thanks for the shoutout, Andre! Thanks for the great comments, everyone else. 🙂

    RE. brainstorming Twitter health applications, there are lots more. Examples: behavior modification, support groups, nursing support for the chronically ill, epidemiology research tracking spread of specific symptoms, tracking branding and reactions to local health services, provide nursing question line, insurance troubleshooting contact, service to facilitate access to meds, lots more. 🙂 What health services are provided in f2f, by phone or email, and which might be possible to make available via Twitter. Remember there are private versions of Twitter for confidential patient group discussions. Could get the software and set up a “twitter” for AA, for example.

    My most recent blog post is also on Twitter – an illustration of what the conversation looks like reworked for those who don’t currently use Twitter. Example if from the conference plenary the morning after the presentation shown above. 🙂

  5. Patricia – Wow. Excellent presentation, from which I learned about a bunch of healthcare twitterers I didn’t know yet.

    Andre – Thanks so much for sharing this…already used Twitter to pay it forward to @Marston, who runs (featured in slide 29).

    Best –
    Jen McCabe Gorman
    Health Management Rx
    Health 2.0 USA

  6. Hey Andre,

    Hope all is well. Thanks for posting. The outages aren’t fun, but I still really like twitter. I never knew about all those functional possibilities! It will be interesting to see the new uses for health communication. Might need to rally the troops at the office and brainstorm a few.

  7. This slide show was great! Go Patricia!

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