Let’s Upgrade Your Digital Success


Want to tap into extensive experience + understanding of digital strategy in the health tech/innovation landscape? I provide consulting around the following areas for your project needs:

  • Showing how strategic insights + leveraging social media can create success for your project or initiative
  • Delivering tailored insights into how current healthcare innovation trends can impact your organization’s work
  • Activating online brand growth through social media account set up + curated content management for your initiative

This service is perfect for: digital health startups, public health + healthcare innovation projects, health professionals looking to gain relevant insights on strategies + initiatives impacting their work

Digital Branding + Platform Building Packages

How you grow your influence and business depends on the effectiveness of your platform.


You’ve worked hard to become an influential voice in the field and want to make sure that when you communicate your ideas, they make a lasting impact on your audience. When your audience is able to interact with you and consistently learn from your expertise, it’s much easier to grow a vibrant community of learners, valued clients, and enthusiastic partners ready to work with you.

  • Are you an experienced healthcare professional ready to amplify your expertise and showcase your thought leadership in front of a larger audience?
  • Have you recently transitioned into a new role or direction in your career and are now ready to turn your expertise into a brand and/or business?
  • Are you a healthcare executive looking to grow your industry reach through writing or speaking opportunities?
  • Do you have a consultancy that could use a more effective digital presence?

If your answer was ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then it’s time for a Pulse + Signal Brand Review.

The Pulse + Signal Brand Review is a top-to-bottom assessment of your current brand identity, mission and online presence. You will receive a guided map focused on helping you to build a sustainable digital brand + platform.

Pulse + Signal Brand Review: What You Get

  1. 2 – 1 hour “bookend” (pre-review, post-review) phone calls to discuss any questions or additional insights around your branding + next steps
  2. MP3 recording of every call for your reference throughout the process and after the review
  3. A PDF of the Pulse + Signal Deep Dive Questionnaire to guide you or your company in asking the right questions about your digital brand and how it is represented online
  4. A PDF detailing the in-depth review of your digital brand which includes: your website, all of your social media platforms and any other digital marketing materials that are relevant to your brand
  5. A PDF of the Next Step Suggestions Checklist after your in-depth brand review. This customized document will be chock full of useful ideas and tools that will get you on track and in shape for a more valuable, engaging online brand.

Your brand is the emotional connection you make with your target market. It’s what humanizes how others perceive you and your expertise. It’s also how people know they can trust your thought leadership and what you can offer them. And it’s the foundation on which everything else is built.

The Thought Leader Package

If you know you need to get online in a bigger way, whether you’re looking to make a larger impact with an existing site or starting completely from scratch, The Thought Leader is for you. This is soup-to-nuts platform building – including a brand mission overview, customized strategy  and a dynamic, fully functional website (your digital headquarters).

If you’re ready to amplify your expertise and build an influential online presence from scratch, this is your package.

The Thought Leader is about creating and optimizing a platform where you build trusted content as well as showcase your accomplishments. Think of it as an active living space for your work and insights. Pulse + Signal will craft a customized website that includes smart, useful digital marketing tools to not only get you noticed but also engage with your audience for the long haul. We will work with you to determine the best tools and plugins for your needs. During our kick-off discussion we will get a good sense of how you want to grow your thought leadership online and then develop a focused strategy that informs how we will work together.

After purchasing The Thought Leader package we will:

  • Design an initial set of branded business cards: Using Moo.com’s premium card service – you’ll receive a set of 50 customized cards to use for networking and sharing. A personalized Moo.com account will be set up for your continued usage.
  • Create the overall architecture for your website
  • Develop your website foundation–the layout, number of pages, sidebar options, etc.
  • Website sections: About, Services (or Work with Me), Blog, Contact, and 2 customized tabs
  • Build your customized WordPress website
  • Assess your current presence across various online platforms and integrate with your website
  • Brand your website with your logo and custom font styles
  • Develop your social media platform: create and optimize your social media accounts on the platforms relevant to your professional mission (e.g. Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Develop the blog section of your website with up to 5 posts of relevant content in advance of your website launch
  • Optimize your website for search (SEO)
  • Install appropriate WordPress plugins to fully optimize your site
  • Ensure your website is compatible with multiple internet browsers
  • Ensure website is compatible and optimized for mobile devices (e.g. iPad, iPhone, Android devices)
  • 10 Maintenance + Support sessions to be used within 3 months after site launch (covering technical/content related questions or issues)


The Well-Informed Expert Package

Once you have an understanding of your audience and have built all the necessary platforms – then what? Apart from the work you’ve already done (and continue to do) as an expert, there’s an endless list of resources and information to stay on top of the healthcare industry.

We know it can be overwhelming. Where do you start? What do you need to learn and share in order to continually showcase your relevance?

The Well-Informed Expert package is designed to help you effectively stay in-the-know on important resources, events and news while maintaining an active social presence.

We’ll work to further define your digital brand story and focus on helpful strategies and tools that will make an impact and best communicate your brand story to your audience. Then we’ll assess which social media channels will be most effective for your brand and optimize your profiles to drive traffic to your website.

The Well-Informed Expert package includes the following:

  • An evaluation of your current online platform and content
  • Coaching on social media and content marketing best practices
  • A weekly ‘download’ of relevant articles and resources for your blogging/general understanding
  • Expertly curated content to bolster your social media channels (e.g. adding relevant Twitter material to your stream)
  • A monthly analytics report that shows exactly how your content is doing


Recent results provided by our Digital Branding Services:

  • Designing and developing the personal website and blog for physician seeking a platform from which to promote their thought leadership.
  • Collaborating with clients to hone their unique online brand voice as well as crafting editorial calendars and setting up writing schedules.
  • Launching social media accounts and developing personalized learning documents for social media communication platforms.
  • Carefully educating clients on the use of effective digital tools for conducting and organizing online research.
  • Developing downloadable conference and speakers kits.
  • And more . . .