Bridging the Communication & Health Divide: BodiMojo

This week at Games for Health, I had the pleasure of meeting Tara Cousineau, PhD, founder and CEO of BodiMojo, Inc. Tara is a clinical psychologist and eHealth innovator., the flagship product, is a health engagement platform for teens leveraging web and mobile technologies. When I learned about this online health community, I thought […]

The Twit2Fit Movement

(photo by R0adrunn3r23) By now I’m sure many of  you are aware of the micro-blogging sensation known as Twitter – as a matter of fact, recently Good Morning America did a piece on it, so you know that it won’t be long before it becomes even more mainstream. One of the great things about Twitter […]

More Community Health Goodness – Healia Communities

I’ve been really excited to learn more about how the Web and it’s growing focus on community has been impacting the realm of health education. Improving the quality of our lives through peer discussion AND the dissemination of professional information is something we need more of in the health landscape – we need to focus […]